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You might be asking yourself, why do I want to sign up to another mailing list? Well, firstly, I can guarantee that I will never spam you. Ever. I hate spammy ‘buy my book type emails’ because quite frankly, they make me want to die inside.

Just like you, my inbox gets filled up with junk everyday, so I promise that I will not be that girl.

Secondly, my mailing list is a chance for us to get to know each other! I will personally respond to your emails! I would LOVE the chance to get to know you, and I would hope that if you’re still reading this, you want to get to know me too.

So what can you expect to receive on my mailing list? Free book stuff from Authors that I like (because everyone loves free book stuff) as well as occasional updates on stuff that i’m working on, and undoubtedly pictures of my cat…because who doesn’t want to see that?

I hope to hear from you soon!!


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