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Chapter 1 – Last Resorts

She’s on a desperate quest to protect her family. But will defending them save the planet or result in her doom?

Alyx Silverthorne’s broken world is falling apart. With her parents dead and her little brother Tommy infected with a zombie virus, she fears she’s about to lose everything that matters. But when her beloved sibling dies and returns to life stronger than before, their only choice is a dangerous cross-country journey to the capital for answers.

Teaming up with her deserter uncle and the best friend in love with her, they arrive at a secret military base wondering if Tommy is, in fact, the cure. But the affection of a strapping young soldier is cold comfort when his sinister commander takes a terrifying interest in her family.

Will Alyx survive the lies of the living or be consumed by the mouths of the dead?

Kill or Cure is the gut-wrenching first book in the Kill or Cure post-apocalyptic dystopian teen fiction series. If you like feisty young heroines, struggles against chaos, and teenage love, then you’ll adore Pixie Britton’s action-packed trilogy.

Praise for Kill or Cure Audiobook:

​★★★★★ A beautiful, calm voice, easily portraying the depth of emotion in this great story. With zombies, struggles to survive, enemies, love interests this story has it all – Audible Reviewer

​★★★★★ This is a YA take on the The Walking Dead, but with a crazy twist. The twist is highly original. I don’t want to spoil the plot by revealing more, but it’s something new and I’m hooked – Audible Reviewer

​★★★★★ The characters are brilliant and so easy to care about. Alyx is one of my favourite characters out there and Pixie does a great job or playing with your emotions! I loved the book and the audio has amplified the eeriness and tension – Audible Reviewer

​★★★★★ I absolutely loved reading the book! Pixie Britton is a fantastic writer with terrific characters! the audio is also spectacular! – Audible Reviewer

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