In a dystopian world ravaged by infection, society as we know it has fallen to the mouths of the dead.

The remaining fragments of civilisation survive in walled compounds, scattered in the depths of the countryside. When her little brother becomes sick with a suspected flu virus, Alyx Silverthorne will do anything to keep Tommy alive.

With limited medical supplies and only herbal alternatives, his prospects of surviving this mystery illness are bleak. But saving Tommy is just the beginning. The infected are not the only monsters that exist in this new world, and human nature can be more destructive than the dead.

In a race against time, Alyx and her best friend Will stop at nothing to protect him, even from the same people the swore to protect them all.

Praise for Kill or Cure

“A dynamic, multi-faceted story of teenage love and gut-wrenching loss in a dystopian world. It’s a perfect YA sci-fi novel that will hook teens onto the genre”. – Books Monthly

“I couldn’t put it down! The story of Alyx and Tommy is so gripping that from the moment I picked up the book, I was hooked! 1 day later, when I turned the final page, it was like I’d just woken up from an awesome/terrifying zombie dream (or nightmare, whichever way you see it). I can’t wait for the next instalment of the story, and would love to see this made into a film. It felt very much like The Hunger Games with a zombie twist – and I loved The Hunger Games!” – Amazon review

“This is a brilliant, pacy, gripping read with engaging characters and I can’t wait to read the next book. It’s emotive and intense and the characters stay with you. I love a story that you still think about long after you’ve read it and I’m so glad I got to read this. I often drift in and out of some stories, but this kept me locked in. An excellent story, written with flair and executed with inspiring imagination.” – Amazon review


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