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Gateway zombie movies for pre-teens by Sylvester Barzey

This week on the blog, I have the amazing zombie author Sylvester Barzey, sharing his wisdom on some great, age- appropriate horror movies to watch with your little rugrats. I don’t have any kids myself, and I’m not sure my cat Pudding would be… Continue Reading “Gateway zombie movies for pre-teens by Sylvester Barzey”

mortal kombat – film review by callum wicks

Today, we have a brand new guest post from the legendary Callum Wicks, co-host and creator of Cryptic Ramblers Podcast and fellow Wattpad Extraordinaire. Check out his thoughts on the brand new Mortal Kombat movie. Get over here! and join me as I offer… Continue Reading “mortal kombat – film review by callum wicks”