Outpost 5 – Serial Saga by George A. Romero

OUTPOST 5 is a serialised story begun by the legendary George A. Romero in 1998, which is also when the story is set.

George began the story late one night on the bulletin board of his website. He described it as an attempt to lay down the “ground rules” for his walking corpses. George wrote the first chapter and asked others to contribute to the story, but very few people had the nerve to pick up the thread… and before it went much further, George’s website was deactivated altogether due to troll activity.

In 2020, the amazing staff at the George Romero Foundation decided to revive this project and collaborate with a team of writers to continue the story as it was intended. I have had the incredible honour of contributing to the story, and written chapter 6.

Chapter 1, written by George Romero himself, begins with an extensive description of the limited faculties and capabilities (or lack thereof) of a living dead man who vaguely remembers flowers – and finds his way to Outpost 5 in search of Scud, a soldier who crushed flowers beneath his boots.

It is revealed that, in life, the ghoul was a military man named Colonel Matthew Sears. The creature wanders into the camp, where all the soldiers are sound asleep in their cots. The former Col. Sears recognises Scud, approaches him and begins to snarl, a long strand of diseased saliva landing on the sleeping soldier’s face…

If you’d like the chance to read this thrilling story, you can grab a copy by signing up to the George Romero Foundation Patreon. All money raised goes to continuing his legacy and helping the next generation of independent filmmakers.

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